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 Hardy Bog Arrowhead Arrow Arum
Arrow Arum
Hardy Bog Arrowhead
Hardy Bog Arrowhead Double
Arrowhead Double
 Hardy Bog Arrowhead Crushed Ice
Crushed Ice
Hardy Bog Arrowhead Silk Stockings
Silk Stockings

Arrowhead produces stalks of delicate white, 3 petaled flowers above arrow-shaped leaves, from early until late summer reaching 2 to 3 feet tall. Plants emerge in spring later than many other marginal plants. Plant in containers lest it spread too aggressively. Needs wet soil or will grow in water up to 6 inches deep. Grow in full sun or in partial shade. Arrowhead has edible roots and is known by a variety of names: duck potato, arrow leaf, swan potato, wapato, katniss, swamp potato and tule potato.


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