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Among the most fragrant of all flowers in the world!
Emily G. Hutchings
Emily G. Hutchings
Mrs. George Canna Hitchcock
Mrs. George Hitchcock
 Red Flare
Red Flare
Trudy Slocum
Trudy Slocum

Night blooming tropical lilies open in the evening and close in early morning. It is not uncommon to see them open much longer in the morning if the morning is cloudy and overcast.  If you are not home during the day to enjoy your flowers, a night blooming variety will give you a real treat when you come home from work; they have huge flowers averaging nine inches across! Leave plenty of room in your water garden for these plants as they spread six to nine feet wide.

*Please note that the night blooming tropical water lilies do not come in a small size.
Even the medium night blooming tropical water lilies will have leaves that are more than 15 inches in diameter and can have a spread of 10 feet or more. They are hardy zone 8 or higher. In lesser zones they are treated as an annual and discarded at the end of the season OR wintered over inside Generally these are placed 6 to 18 inches deep in the water. NOTE: Tropical day bloomers ship mid April and the night bloomers ship early to late May. Day bloomers need water at least 65 and night bloomers the water needs to be 70 or more.


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