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SAFE SHIPPING DATES - Compare your zone to the shipping chart. All dates are approximate as weather conditions are not guaranteed to be what they should be and the nursery manager watches the weather conditions across the US like a hawk to avoid killing frosts.

Below is our approximate shipping schedule.
As long as outside temp at nursery is above 18 degrees

Zone 9-10...All Year

Zone 8......Mid-March

Zone 7......Early April/Mid-April

Zone 6......Mid-April/End of April

Zone 5......Early May/Mid-May

Zone 4......Mid-May/End of May

Zone 3......First of June

The above schedule is approximate shipping times for hardy plants. Orders with tropical plants are sometimes held longer due to weather patterns in some zones. During shipping season we check weather patterns weekly to try our best to ship the plants when it is safe to plant them outside. Shipping plants before your zone is safe voids our plant guarantee.

We will ship plants and snails during the months of December, January and February when we feel temperatures are mild enough so the plants and snails will survive in transit.

As always, we will hold your order and ship them when it is safe for your zone.

*We will gladly ship your plants ASAP, just let us know. We cannot guarantee plants that are started in ponds before the USDA Safe Shipping guidelines.


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